Classic Car Day & Dereham Carnival - 22nd July 2018

Classic Car Day

A display of classic cars will be at Dereham Railway Station, which is admission free to look around.

Dereham Carnival

We are running extra trains to allow you to visit the Dereham Carnival events from Wymondham Abbey and other intermediate stations. Further information about their event is available on their website.


* Intermediate stations are request stops. The times shown are approximate. If you wish to board a train that is approaching the station, make yourself visible to the driver by holding your arm out. If you wish to alight a train at one of these stops, please let the guard know where you'd like to alight.



All Day Rover Adult Child Family Concession Members Cycles/Dogs
Standard £15 £4 £30 £12 £10 £1

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Online Day Rover - 22nd July 2018
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